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Llolyn is an amazing and compassionate caregiver and practitioner. She is fiercely dedicated to her patients and sets to deliver excellence in health and wellness using all the modalities available to her. Her knowledge base is extensive in that she evaluates the entire patient and problem and formulates the best plan for the patient and the budget.

With Llolyn Pobran as your practitioner, you could not be or wish for a better and more compassionate health care advocate. Her education on health has been a lifelong endeavor. I highly recommend Llolyn as I have enjoyed working with her for the past 10 years.

Michael E. Greer M.D.

Ob/Gyn (Retired), Holistic, Herbal, Naturopathic, and Chiropractic Educator

“I have known Llolyn for over ten years and recommend her services most highly. She is not only competent and knowledgeable but a highly skilled colon hydrotherapist who maintains exceptional cleanliness in her practice”

Ann Louise Gittleman

Award winning NY Times bestselling author of 30 books (Click Here to Learn More)

“Llolyn is an expert on the application of Functional Nutrition and herbal therapies, bringing about optimal health in her patients. She is passionate in helping improve the quality of all lives. Her strategy to combine whole food nutrition with detoxification for metabolic recalibration is her secret sauce to getting the best results.”

Gerald Roliz

CNC, Author of The Pharmaceutical Myth (Click Here for More Information)

Taking care of yourself is essential. From exercising to a healthy diet. However, when that does not work, it is time to dig deeper. I waited until my insides were filled to the gills. I was always tired, in pain, and suffered from monster headaches called migraines. I hit rock bottom when the pain on my left side became so unbearable that I went to urgent care. I had an x-ray taken and was told my colon was packed. I suffered from IBS for decades and thought I had to live with it. After seeking out colonics, I lost weight, have more energy, and changed my eating habits. Working with Llolyn has been a Godsend. She gave me a life that I thought only others could have. Do not wait as long as I did. Be kind to yourself. Do yourself a favor and live your life to the fullest.


Post Falls

I would like to elaborate on a wonderful healthy healing experience I had with the Wellness Center of CDA/Gut Detox Specialist.  Llolyn Pobran who with a caring cheerful smiling attitude said to me “Ken, I cant get your colon /large intestine working again”

Llolyn told me it would take a little time but to be patient.  Llolyn gave me hope.  I had constipation, fatigue, and bloating from doctor prescribed opiates. For my arthritis pain.   The opiates shut down my colon deadening the nerves in the large intestine.  It didn’t’ take long for my body to get use to the laxative that I tried and they stopped working like they do with so many other laxatives- the stew just would not come out!

Secondly, because of the large intestinal back up, I was getting toxic poisoning.  It was causing me to break out small skin bumps. This was activating my immune system also causing me to be fatigued.  I had zero energy to do even the smallest task.  I just laid in my chair wishing for relief.

The massive bloating I experienced feft like an oversized balloon.  I could not eat and it was painful to breath.  However, after a number of colonics from Llolyn I was able to breath better.  The pain was subsiding and I was able to eat something again because the bloating was going down the more colonics I did.  The better I was feeling.

In conclusion, Llolyn, not only specializing in her many years of detoxifying the large intestine, also is a complete nutritional specialist in recommending the appropriate foods to herbs to my diet that taught me how to eat right which has helped to restore, repair and regenerate my bodily cells.    Llolyn is also a supplemental expert and lined me up with a supplement protocol that helped my large and small intestines to get the toxins out causing my digestive system to start working again.  I would like to say that, Llolyn, is very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to detoxifying the body and the digest system.

My constipation is gone and now I can get the stew out!  The fatigue has cleared and went away.  I now have energy again my bloating has disappeared.  I now can breathe and eat again.

I thank my lucky stars for Llolyn’s, positive attitude and in so keeping me positive and full of hope.  She has put a smile back on my face.