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Llolyn Pobran, D.C. and Nutritional Therapist
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Llolyn’s testimony and story:

At the age of 7 years old, my family went from being all-medical to all-holistic in one day.  It was a dramatic event that caused this shift and it was centered around my mother’s heart condition that lead us leaving behind the ways of the medical paradigm and shifting over to a healthy lifestyle.  From that event and from 1961 – 1977 eight members of my immediate family became chiropractors including my mother, father, aunt, four brothers, and myself.

By the way, my mother was diagnosed by the medical profession in 1957 as having two heart attacks.  After my mother spent 1 year in and out of the hospital, she reluctantly went to see a chiropractor on the advice of our minister Pastor Orville Butcher of the Wesylan Methodist church in Lemon Grove, California.  Dr. Hamilton, Doctor of Chiropractic told my mother that she never had a heart attack but a pinched nerve to her heart.  Within two office visits my mother’s symptoms (that were caused by a vertebral subluxation in the spinal column) were reduced and normalized.   My mother’s symptoms of shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and pain between her shoulder blades were completely gone.  Within 6 months of that event, we moved from San Diego County to Davenport, Iowa where both my parents began their studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1957.

In 1975, I graduated from Palmer College and in the very early years of my chiropractic career, my father invited me into his practice to “learn all about the family business.”  My father had a large office.  One side was a chiropractic practice and the other side was a colon hydrotherapy  (colonic) practice.  Fully expecting to start working on the chiropractic side my first day my father meet me at the front door leading me into the colon hydrotherapy side to begin my day.  I knew nothing about colon hydrotherapy nor did I wish to.  After all, I was a respectable and knowledgeable chiropractor with many years of education under my belt and eager to peruse my career that I had studied so hard for.   But my father was adamant that I start on the colon hydrotherapy side and learn all that I could including taking barium x-rays on each new patient.

My father instructed me on my first day that I would have a colonic during my lunch hour and that I would have 12 (3 times a week for 4 weeks) in the first series. My dad explained that all of his patients started with a series of colonics. I knew that this could only be a money maker and said so. However, my dad taught me what he had learned in his practice “if he recommended 6 sessions for his patient but they needed 8 sessions then patients might leave without getting the help that they needed or deserved.  Or if he recommended 8 sessions but they needed 10 that the patient might leave without getting the help that they needed and deserved.  But when a patient received 12 colonics, everyone felt the benefits. “  So I started my series of 12 and the first nine were somewhat uneventful.   The 10th, 11th, and 12th – I will never forget – it was like the damn opened up and nothing but fecal matter flowed for the entire session.  When I finished my 12th colonic I will never forget the feeling that I had – the energy of a young kid again.  I had no idea how sick I was. What I never told anyone at that time was that I was going through a divorce and I felt sick in my gut continually but I thought it was the emotions of going through a divorce with two children 3 and 4 years old and scared to death.  What I found out was it was not my emotions causing a continual tummy ache it was the fecal matter in my gut rotting away robbing me of my energy.

I am also very grateful to my father, Lloyd Wofford DC, who grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico.  My father is half Oaxaca Indian and we grew up taking raw garlic monthly to get rid of worms in our body, We never used Band-Aids growing up as my father would crack open an egg and remove the white membrane off the egg shell which is rich in albumin. As it dries it pulls out the toxins from the cuts, burns or insect bites we got as kids.  We used Aloe Vera plant in the 40’s and 50’s to clean a cut, scratch, or insect bite.  My father would also lead us outside and make a small mixture of dirt from the ground with water and would apply it to our skin for which we had to sit for 5 minutes to purify the open cut or wound before the egg membrane was applied.  Because of my background and chiropractic education, I have a very strong belief in the potential healing of innate intelligence of the body.

In addition, I have been blessed by meeting Dr. BJ Palmer (the founder and developer of Chiropractic) Jack Lalanne, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Paul Bragg.  All four of these mighty men used food, exercise, chiropractic, sleep, clean water, clean thoughts, and detoxification as a foundation for healthy living.   All of them lived into their late 80’s and early 90’s based on sound principles.   I follow these principles myself and all that I have learned I pass on to you.   Other then foot or dental surgery I have never been on medications.  I have had my spine adjusted to regulate my central nervous system since I was 7 years old.   I have been on Standard Process whole-food supplements since I was 11 years old.    I have had hundreds of colonics since I was 33 years old.

Good health is simple – just follow the above foundational practices of the four mighty men.   Once you lose good health, you can gain it again by following these principles.   It may take time and money but it is worth your life.   Think of your life as the best gift God gave you.   Clean it, restore it, polish it up, and love it!

Llolyn Pobran, D.C.

National Board Examiner – California

Sports Injury Certified

Personal Injury Expert Witness

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Certified Detox Specialist


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